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Pursuit Curves

A colleague of mine presented math puzzle today on a Slack channel I moderate.

It is a fun one!

There is an airplane eight miles directly above a surface to air missile, which is fired at that moment…

Deploying HPCs for CAE Workloads on AWS
In this video, I explain how OnScale harnesses AWS services to deliver world class high performance compute clusters, on demand, to OnScale’s customers. Our work loads are some of the most demanding in the world, computer aided engineering (CAE), or physics-based simulations. OnScale’s innovative use of CloudWatch Logs, AWS Lambda, KMS, and EC2 empower OnScale’s customers to build the next generation of products faster, cheaper, and more securely than ever before.
You down with OPP?
Today we will discuss a topic near and dear to us all. Especially those who purport to hate it. We will be discussing property rights and why once instantiated, it is always disastrous to abrogate them.